You Aren’t Fighting the Storm

Suited up Ready for the battle Standing in the middle Of a raging storm. Thinking if you win This one battle Against this storm You are a hero to yourself. The problem is The storm is above you Where you Cannot reach. You aren't fighting the storm You fight the rain in your face The... Continue Reading →

Sixteen Points of Light

One in the direction of goodness There is no other form like this White, glaring, and understood A hit within a miss. The next in the direction of bad It has to be around What is lost within the darkness May someday, be found. Another in the direction of loyalty Beating in a heart forever... Continue Reading →

The Door

He blows it wide open The wind rushes around the room Papers are flying everywhere And I stay exactly where I am. He screams at me to come out the door "What are you waiting for?" As if my freedom meant something to him What would he gain by it? As fast as he came,... Continue Reading →

I Want That

Once I walked into a house Where a couple were sitting Playing guitar together Drinking a beer Laughing about the lyrics to a song They just made up. I want that. I've watched a couple Walking along Hand in hand Not talking about anything Just allowing the moment To take them over While attached To... Continue Reading →

They Cannot Take

I shot past the point of no return Blasted for what I didn't know just then. I lost the one thing I was fighting for Because I forgot just then what it was. What began as a life full of promise Soon showed its true colors to me. When you are born from a woman... Continue Reading →


Soft Like your fingers running down my back As I close my eyes So I can remember this moment For eternity. Soft Like the way you first kissed me Before you grabbed my hair And pulled me into you To kiss me harder. Soft Like the way you love me Tenderly, with so very few... Continue Reading →

What If..

What if I couldn't sleep without you? Would you still be too much of a pussy to be with me? Would you still whine about how much that cow hurt you?   What If I lived across the street from you? Would you eventually come introduce yourself? Or you would continue to let fear run... Continue Reading →

The Moon

We chose a place Where the moon could pull us Together as one. We talked around the place Until our eyes met Then nothing could stop us. Love took its beautiful form that night Drew it out in the skies Spilled it into the lake we watched Even soaked it in the air we were... Continue Reading →

For You

I'll make life A little simpler Easier For you to navigate. I'll remove An obstacle You've been dancing around For days.   For you I'll extract The memory Of And the future Of Me.

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