The World Stopped

I was going to put up something funny
Maybe a conversation that I was in.
Sat wondering which one I’d use
And where I would begin.

Then Facebook asked me If I’d be your friend
I saw a picture of you.
The world stopped, I sat staring
Nobody even knew.

I’m probably the only one with questions
Still left unanswered today.
Did you love me, even for a moment
When you decided to walk away?

I won’t be your friend anywhere
I know the cost of you.
Not exactly front and center,
A little more askew.

Never would I wish poorly
On another human being.
I blocked you and shut you out
Your picture, I won’t be seeing.

I don’t need a reminder of trust
I remember that lesson well.
Remember mostly the pedestal
From which I unceremoniously fell.

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