My Personal Declaration

Open your heart
To everything..


Stand up
Even if you stand alone.

When you need to.

Say the words
You need to say to someone
Because tomorrow
May never happen.

Make love to her
Every part of her
Because she may need that
And if you are feeling it
Then do it.

When you need to
Because you need to get it out.

Love everyone
No matter what
They believe
Or don’t believe
Because they are human
And so are you..

Forgive them
Even if they don’t want it
Or need it
Because it will bring you peace..

Love her like crazy
Because nobody has
And she deserves that.

Drive just to tell her
You care about her
And she means everything
To you..

Say what you want
Because people need to hear it
And nobody needs to feel
Like they are alone
Because none of us are.

Try to understand
Instead of judging
Because they are not you
And may not have
Your experience.

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