It was the sound of the wind
Brought me out into the dark
Walked over to the terminal
But refused to park.

I could still feel the moisture
In what was the magic of being
Lost within a realm we could see
Knowing nothing, but the meaning.

The rocks, slippery and wet
We lick them, for clarity
It is for the sensation
Our version of reality.

Whimpers in the darkness
Standing in the rain
We only hear the noise
Of a fairly distant train.

Crossing hearts in promise
The warmth standing between
What was us, what was there
What was dirty, what was clean.

Sheer force drives the passion
Lust and love so intertwined
We don’t even care when or how
It is as if our love is blind.

We stood in the rain that night
Crying and begging for our hope
Was it worth what it cost us?
Could you possibly be my rope?

Singularly, and yet triumphantly together
One day meant it all
We wished for a love
That could suddenly begin with a call.

Silent in the darkness
Wandering towards your house one night
I was there to make love
But you weren’t in sight.

We begin a dance
Everything is so trite
We know the difference
Between the dance, and a fight.

lost soul

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