Wandering down this path
That now reeks of gold.
Smelling flowers along the way
Watching all good, unfold.

Seeing love blossom before me
In a tangled mess of apprehension.
You could barely count the cost
Or cut the tension.

But my life improved dramatically
Since the day you said goodbye.
Everything just fell into place
I didn’t even have to try.

I lost the weight of your emotion
The price I paid for trust.
Fell into what was left of me
Except this time, for lust.

I’ve never been this happy
Or fulfilled at every turn.
I’ve learned about playing with fire
With you, it ends with a burn.

Life ends up to traumatic
For those that don’t know the price.
I paid it many times with you
Took months to get rid of the lice.

Today I live in a house with love
Honor and sanctity abounds.
When someone breaches the outer banks
We always send out the hounds.

My life is better without you
I can’t even stand your name.
I hear it I remember the lies
It just brings back more shame.

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