They Cannot Take

I shot past the point of no return
Blasted for what I didn’t know just then.
I lost the one thing I was fighting for
Because I forgot just then what it was.

What began as a life full of promise
Soon showed its true colors to me.
When you are born from a woman that doesn’t define
What it is to be human, or capable.

Immediately I didn’t trust love
It was shown to be a terrible thing.
When those that proclaim they love you
Behind closed doors, do the unimaginable.

Very young, I decided this “love” thing was for the birds
I wouldn’t partake in any of it.
Many times I told myself not to worry
For they cannot take, what I do not have.

Never more worried about what people would take
Than a woman that wants to give nothing.
Almost as if you were born a shell
That when cracked open, contains nothing.

Years of searching for the truth
Ended up fighting many wars I didn’t start.
I may have the battles along the way
But I learned something from each of them.

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