Within Me

There is a river,  within me, No one has ever found. The screaming,  within me, Yet no one heard a sound. The love,  within me, Nobody has ever touched. A heart, unneeded Nobody has ever clutched. A trust, denied In every sense of being. The world, around me Sometimes not worth seeing. I clutch a... Continue Reading →

Trying To Replace You

The light came into the room Shined so softly upon your face. You were something I held in high regard Then, like me, had to misplace. Slowly I walked down the aisle As I did, all the guests disappeared. You, the groom, standing there waiting As the room slowly cleared. It wasn't the best of... Continue Reading →

I Knew I Would Miss You

There are lights above the parlor If you squint, you may see them. I can barely make out the form of your body In this much darkness. Heightened senses leaves us aware Of everything, but the sound. Ripples in a pond barely rattle us While the thunder reminds us of the night we made love.... Continue Reading →

We Prayed

We prayed for the soldier Fighting a war he didn't start. We prayed for the woman That lacks a compassionate heart. We prayed for the homeless Lost, and all alone. We prayed for the woman Who is waiting anxiously by the phone. We prayed for the angels We know are out there somewhere. We prayed... Continue Reading →

What Are My Chances?

It's really quite ridiculous How you won't take off my pants. I stand here for hours in lust While you stand there in your underpants. I don't want to talk the world away Or discuss minor advances. I'd really like to get naked with you Now tell me, what are my chances? I don't want... Continue Reading →

Do You Hear Me Now?

You didn't hear me When I said I wanted freedom from this pain And asked you to deliver me from it. You didn't hear me When I said I wasn't entirely certain of your facts Because I've never hurt anyone. You didn't hear me When I said you need to stop Questioning everything. You didn't... Continue Reading →


I swam in a dismal nothingness for years Wondering why I was alive When everyone that loved me was dead Or gone. One day I reached a shore It took months to convince me it was safe To be on the land again To walk, to feel, to everything. I allowed the waves to gently... Continue Reading →


I'm caught somewhere between Where I will go, and where I will stay. Who I will be And what will happen one day. Between those that know me And those that know nothing. Between the banging silence of forever And the right now that delivers a sting. One writes of his feelings daily While the... Continue Reading →

Don’t Tell Him

Don't tell him I've written this Thinking only of him. Don't tell him he's important To me, like a limb. He isn't the wind to me He is more like the air. Something constant, and needed That I can feel everywhere. Don't tell him he's on my mind Every day and night. Don't tell him... Continue Reading →

On A Frozen Pond

We couldn't get our footing Didn't completely understand why. We'd get up, put our hands into place Literally almost die. So we tried to just walk along Conversation was sparse. We'd try to talk, but the sliding around Make the entire thing a farce. We realized quite quickly That although both were quite fond We... Continue Reading →

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