I Was Falling In Love

My heart would race at the sound of your name Your presence was always within me. It was about what we could physically do It was what we wanted to see. Our bodies meld into one A steamy night in Paris. We held hands in a park in Rome We didn't want anyone to see... Continue Reading →

Reaching In Darkness

We do this upon our awakening When silence takes hold of our heads The silence that has eaten away at everything We weren't paying attention to all these years. So much of ourselves lost to our yearning So we go reaching into darkness To find something Someone To fill this void in us. Sometimes what... Continue Reading →


The look in his eyes When he first saw me. The smell of his car As he took me to eat. The way he ran his hand Gently down my back. The way we sat so close So effortlessly close To one another. It was how simple Yet complicated Everything was. Him, just trying to... Continue Reading →

I Want You

Like last night I want your breath On my skin. I want you to want me Only me All night. I want to find you In the deepest recesses Of my mind And body. Traces of you In places hidden Within me.

To Abdicate

The lights and sirens were silent and dark When crept in a monstrous doubt. We seek, we yearn, we know the truth But we must never, ever shout. There were things left unsaid Like I shouldn't have caught the stone What was I supposed to do When you decided to abdicate the throne? Whispers are... Continue Reading →

I’ve Been Here Before

Standing in the darkness Everything is in the same place It was before I walked out. I already know how this ends; Nobody comes to rescue you. The silence will bring me peace The darkness will surround me Engulfing me in an embrace I'll find it hard to get out of. I've been here before... Continue Reading →

I Believe You

When you said life would turn around Just after a huge implosion When I said nothing to you But thought you may be overstating. When you told me not to worry You'd take care of it for me When I tried to do it myself, and failed You turned up to finish. When you said... Continue Reading →

A Beautiful Recalcitrance

Shined my shoes for a dance When there was no intention of my presence. Silence had always been my demise But force has always been my essence. Calculating nearly every step It took to get to the stairs. We open up with honesty Then tend to put on airs. Tightly fitting corset Black, for all... Continue Reading →

She Is Mine

I wait patiently for the day When he realizes He wants me; More than air Food Even clothing. When the desire for me In his arms Surpasses his need For autonomy. I wait patiently For the moment He wants me And tells me Everything Inside his heart.   I wait for the one That first... Continue Reading →

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