Beautifully Unobtainable

A beautiful creature;
You can watch her move
With the grace of a streamer
Moving slowly through the air.

Her hands are your magic;
As they dance around
Doing her bidding for her,
And you watch them move
Because to you
They are enticing.

Her mind is so brilliant;
You want to know everything about it,
What she thinks of
At all times
But mostly
What does she think of
When she thinks of you?

Deep in her heart there is nothing
It is empty, except for a scar.
She doesn’t let anyone see it
You are no exception.

Sometimes you think you are
The huge exception to her
“I shall love no one” rule
But you are not.

She may smile at you
Say a few kind words
She may even kiss you
Or give you her body
But you will never
Not for a moment
Have her heart.

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