Screaming Silence

Darkness fills the air at night

When sounds crowd out the storm.

We fight the demons we cannot see

Yet this seems to be our norm.

We cry on the all fires we set

Hoping to put them out.

Tears don’t put out fires, you know

Especially within a drought.

We hired an assembly

To tell us about the fight.

They didn’t really help, you see

They told us to take flight.

Within a gentle overtone

Suddenly we began thinking.

Nearly, but not quite as well

As a Scotsman goes drinking.

We friended all our enemies

In hopes they’d escape

But lives are built on priority

Reality, without the cape.


I held an apple in my hand

It was time to catch a toy

The next generation will know

Your death was caused by a boy.


In a building there was danger

I held to it for strength

You’ll always know the size

But you’ll never know the length.


Photo by Adam Cheshire 7.17.16


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