Reaching In Darkness

We do this upon our awakening

When silence takes hold of our heads

The silence that has eaten away at everything

We weren’t paying attention to all these years.

So much of ourselves lost to our yearning

So we go reaching into darkness

To find something


To fill this void in us.

Sometimes what we grab

Kills us.

Sometimes what we grab

Feeds us.

Like honey drips from a spoon
Onto the tongue of what you miss.
Desire licks that greedy spoon
You wonder if they’ll kiss.

Holy are the ones that wait
Yet subservience pays a price.
You get the pie after the paper
The others get a slice.

Reaching in with the promise;
The ultimate reward.
Some of us ready for love
Others stand there with a sword.

I’m not sure I have the courage
To do what others are.
I rather enjoy my freedom;
Don’t need to share my star.

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