Just Make Her Forget

Hold her in close to you Feed her soul with your hand. You, the hourglass She, the sand. Touch parts of her soul Nobody has ever been. Ask her the date of her birth Then write it down with a pen. Take her places she loves to go Make memories with just you two. Tell... Continue Reading →


An unwritten rule about love Sends scores to their death every year. You can succumb to the feelings of the heart But let us not forget It is but an organ That can die Like the feelings He swears he has for you. A senseless reaction Is a crime to behold When we succumb To... Continue Reading →

To Thine

A riddle written in a necklace I vowed it to myself one day. You may get to the actual war But you'll never know your way. Out of the mouth of babes It was an honor to bestow. What began with a writing of a woman Ended with something of a crow. He says something... Continue Reading →

Will It Stop Raining?

In a second of infinite glory A match was lit within. What began as something I trusted Ended being my indelible sin. I woke one morning with scars With a knife, I could not remove. Bleeding from wounds I caused myself Now I had something to prove. Doubt made all my decisions But hate settled... Continue Reading →

One Thing

Whispered to him In a tragic sense of irony He wouldn't understand If he had 7 generations Of wits about him. I wanted him to show me One thing That would prove to me He was worth Something as valuable As my time. Something as precious As my attention. Something as rare As my touch.... Continue Reading →


A white raven sits on a post Staring straight up into the sky. It's giving direction to the world at large Without the ability to fly. In one claw it carries a burden A foolproof way to lose. The other carries an iron rod That gives you the ability to choose. It sits and stares... Continue Reading →


There are monsters afoot They are everywhere You can't possibly kill them all. Some you will sit and have dinner with Fall madly in love with Then realize what they are. Some you will text Until they say something terrible Or somehow remind you Of what they are. Some you will raise From birth To... Continue Reading →


It's a beautiful fragrance of fog Mixed with the daily musings of humans Doing what they do All day long. I prefer this; Alone. When trials are tough When I don't know where I stand When life is too much of a challenge for me When a decision must be made I go somewhere Nowhere... Continue Reading →

Then I Fell In Love

Windy, like a storm was coming Not once did I feel like running Everything seemed as it was supposed to be. Shortened, like a burning candle Me, he can finally handle Now we are both lost in a love we enjoy. Smart, like this bag of tricks Strong, like unbending sticks We both know what... Continue Reading →


Are you looking for something that lasts forever Or maybe for just one night? Looking to make up for all you've done wrong Or make something finally right? Are you looking for a love that lasts a lifetime Or a wet hole to put your mess? You looking for a specific kind of woman Or... Continue Reading →

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