Not Ordinary

From the exterior it looked like a shack

Run down from the years of rain

And neglect.

Everyone walking past

Would shake their head

Roll their eyes

Wonder why nobody tore it down.

Silence cures a hungry beast
Ready for a fight.
We can quiet the voices within us
But you’ll never take our fight.
We are the ones that hide
Because we are sick of being seen.
We are the ones you turn from
Not the sacred, not the mean.
Integrity kills a dishonest fight
But never ends the war.
They fight like hell for something
Nobody knows what for.

An indiscriminate amount of remains

Settles on a path to the home

As if something


Wants this house to remain.

Angry people repeat angry words
Though they know not what they say.
Defamation scatters everywhere
Within the light of day.
Now we must take a match
To the home we loved so much.
It’s an eyesore and a burden
And we wouldn’t want as such.
Three of us stand in a corner
Waiting to be consumed.
Fire surrounded our very being
Yet fear never loomed.
We were given a gift in earnest
A beautiful piece of light.
Told we could now be loved
Yet it would only occur at night.

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