This Forest

Pieces of you laying all over the floor

Matches the blood spots

Nobody seems to care about.

Methods match the heartbeat

Spent inside a cyclone

The thoughts in your head.

She loves this one

But that one

Inconveniences her.

Smoldering fires around

Dancing witches

Enchanting items

None of them

Seem to fit you.

Matches lit in circles

Burning sage for the sake

Of cleansing the stench

Everyone left behind.

Claiming that one time

Was one time

Too many.

Counting to numbers

Impossible for any numerologist

To circumvent.

Lost to a propriety

In a sentence

Where I simply said

“I’ve lost.”

Silence screams to those of us

That never get to hear it

As our lives

Collide in a place

We find terribly inconvenient.









Divide us

This forest

This forest

Brings us together

As one.

Bring your gods

Bring your witches

Bring your axes..

If they don’t burn

We’ll dispel them

With thoughts.

The forest (french)


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