He Lives

I barely make it through my day

Without thinking of your face.

Can’t lay down in bed at night

Without thinking of your embrace.

Costly words and harsh intention

Tuck your tail and run.

It isn’t hiding if nobody is chasing

Then really, where is the fun?

To everyone I know he doesn’t exist

He’s a fragment of my mind.

They say love conquers all

Some even claim it is blind.

He lives in the shadow I walk with

An eternity of facing my ache.

The yearning of wanting him here

Thinking of all the love we could make.

He waved a white flag once in earnest

Hoping to catch me off guard.

I knew what I was facing

I just didn’t know it would be this hard.

He lives in every crack in my soul

He’s the being within my heart

The lesson I needed to learn this time

Because now, I’ll be smart.

He’s an angel in perfect form

The perfect, ideal man.

I whispered the secret to getting my heart

Then told him he is the only one that can..


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