Just Make Her Forget

Hold her in close to you

Feed her soul with your hand.

You, the hourglass

She, the sand.

Touch parts of her soul

Nobody has ever been.

Ask her the date of her birth

Then write it down with a pen.

Take her places she loves to go

Make memories with just you two.

Tell her she lights up the night sky

Then in daylight, she makes it blue.

Trust she’ll always stay by your side

You together, as one.

As compatible as you both are

Like siblings, only fun.

Listen to her stories

The ones she dearly wants to forget.

Cry tears with her over each of them

Then talk about how you met.

Tell her you love her dearly

With the conviction of a man.

Tell her you mapped out forever

And yes, she’s in that plan.

Pick flowers for her from fields

She’s never, ever seen.

Take her to an empty lake

Set the mood to serine.

Keep her heart so very warm

The other parts of her wet.

When it comes down to loving broken

You just need to make her forget.


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