I Drink it Away

When life gets me down I don't know where to go Who I belong to Where I belong Why I am here. When everything No matter how small Gets me down. When sometimes I feel so small So useless So irrelevant That I don't even know Who I am anymore. I get so drunk I... Continue Reading →

There Has To Be A Man

One moment she wants to save herself The next she doesn't know how. One man thinks she's a queen The other, a cow. In an instant she can be shattered Pieces all over the floor. The next she's showing a creep Directly to the door. Sometimes she forgets He tore her heart apart. It's like... Continue Reading →

He Didn’t

He didn't care how far away I was Or the color of my eyes. He didn't ask the stars to align today Or even consider the skies. He didn't assume the world would revolve Or I'd be naked laying in bed. I could tell he was falling in love By nothing that he said. He... Continue Reading →

He Lives

I barely make it through my day Without thinking of your face. Can't lay down in bed at night Without thinking of your embrace. Costly words and harsh intention Tuck your tail and run. It isn't hiding if nobody is chasing Then really, where is the fun? To everyone I know he doesn't exist He's... Continue Reading →

Slow Burn

Red lace against tan thighs Your hand brushes my arm Our breathing becomes our language As we meld Into one. Stars shoot across the sky In approval of our love; A symbiotic relationship Not amensalism like before But commensalism. We were not the wildfire I wanted We are the slow burn of passion Heating up... Continue Reading →

A Number

We resort ourselves To identity. A number on a card Or a couple of cards. A score on a test How many students pass your class. A grade you got on homework Given in the morning Before you've even begun to think. The score you must reach To get the title you want That will... Continue Reading →


You can have candy without a wrapper A toy without the prize A winning lottery ticket That's just the right size. A hard hit in a battle You didn't know you were in. A flash in a pan of a wildfire Where you didn't know where to begin. You can have all the fish in... Continue Reading →


When you ask I whisper back to you Exactly What I want And where. When you say Hard Or Soft? What do I want? Tonight I want it soft. Like the beat of a beautiful song You play for me at night. When the stars begin to shine And there isn't a soul in sight.... Continue Reading →

Too Late

The moment you realize you love him Years too late; After he has married Had children Living happily in his home With his family. You're too late.   The instant you realize it's a robbery A woman lays bleeding on the floor And you remember Right then That you have a gun in your purse.... Continue Reading →

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