Every day In every moment You spend thinking About me I'm slipping away. Like water In your hands You can't contain it It isn't yours. There are people On this planet You can have. I am not One of those People.

Night Life

During the day Her hair is pinned up Not a hair out of place. Her Christian values Outmatch Any moral code You may have. Her night life though Is much different. She dances with strangers Nothing is off limits.     She shines a little more at night Where angels and demons meet. She'll take... Continue Reading →

You Think You Have Her

You think she is yours Because she made love to you. She made love to you specifically Because she knew her body was all you would get. There was never any danger Of you taking anything else.   You think you have her Because when you write to her She responds to you. But she... Continue Reading →

Lifted Tears

I cried a little on front of him The lifted tears from ground. Tried to comfort a fool in danger Didn't make a sound. Life wandered aimlessly Left her happy and aware. It wasn't even a bump in the road Her minor little scare.  

If You Don’t Know

If you don't know what I'm fighting for How many times I slammed the door. If you just think I'm this crazy bitch That has a random switch. Maybe you think I've won the war Or you wonder what I'm fighting for? If you don't know what a toll it took When I got taken... Continue Reading →

Broken Arrow

You hear it fly past you Unencumbered by your presence Or your judgement Of its path. Not straight Or expensive It's withered Broken Yet unrelenting.     She's got that look in her eye of a fighter You feel like she'd take your head. Life contains no meaning to her Matters not to her if... Continue Reading →


Heavy breathing Hungry hearts Which one do you feed? Wanton lust Fondling appetite How many ladies do you need? Battle scars Taken items How do you settle this score? Angry heart Beating randomly Could you do with another whore? Empty cries Wanting love Now she holds a gun. Hidden danger Excitement works What are you... Continue Reading →


There was a moment There was a feeling There was a sensation But there was no meaning. Things gone wrong as they do We left our hearts beating in the street. Sentiment without the display A pounding courage when souls meet. Written in stars so long ago Nobody alive would remember the feeling. Temperatures now... Continue Reading →

On The Shore

Found with dust particles Nowhere Yet everywhere. The seen The unseen. The found The lost. We fit in molds Easily. Most of us discarded Like waste. She found a shoe once on a hill Climbing for days she was lost. The smell of freedom finally came to her So again, did the frost. Built a... Continue Reading →

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