They Never Told Her

Not a word was said of dignity

They removed that like a core.

The subjects we are speaking of

Don’t listen anymore.

They never told her she was unwanted

They simply left the room.

While she sat dangling from confusion

They carefully constructed her tomb.

Life rapes an atmosphere

That isn’t ready for what lies.

Sins embroiled in agony

Then we ignore the cries.

Hard times reveal morality

While good ones reveal the heart.

You can’t quite bite the apple in two

But you can sure tear that orange apart.

A city sits in ruins

A child is left to pout.

I bet I could make this a thousand verses

And you’d still not know what it was about.

The blankets you leave in your bed

The light you leave in your room.

The ceiling over your head

The ever waiting broom.

They never told her she was a lie

Or that she’d never find her love.

They told her she was a part of something

That came from high above.

They never told her she was a waste

You could see it in their eyes.

Of all the truths they ever told

They told a thousand lies.


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