Broken Arrow

You hear it fly past you

Unencumbered by your presence

Or your judgement

Of its path.

Not straight

Or expensive

It’s withered


Yet unrelenting.



She’s got that look in her eye of a fighter
You feel like she’d take your head.
Life contains no meaning to her
Matters not to her if you are dead.

She’s solved all of your problems
You’ve already planted the seed.
She may not have what you want
But she’ll always have what you need.

She’s got the look in her eye of a believer
Someone that doesn’t understand the cost.
You may think you know about her
But you don’t understand what she lost.

Maybe her life hasn’t quite been the bone
It’s been more like the marrow.
She isn’t the straightest life on the planet
She’s just a broken arrow.


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