In A Crowd

Standing alone in a crowd Begging forgiveness from those Whose life means nothing To the one standing at the gallows. Unrelenting details of life That death wouldn't keep track of. Unsteady on her feet She begs to stop everything; But nothing stops.   The burning ache within Holds itself accountable For all she lost Nothing she... Continue Reading →

He Stands Before Me

He stands before me Says nothing But my name. I don't look him in the eyes, I already know What they look like. They look like everything I've ever wanted.   He stands before me Says nothing But my name. His voice is like music To ears That have never heard it.   I get... Continue Reading →


Wandering around Looking at faces Wondering if anyone cares. Lost in the abyss Of life Sometimes smiling Sometimes so lost I don't know If I'll ever be found Again.

Want to Know

Do you want to know all about me Or just the things you like? All the things I've said in haste Or just that I've ridden a bike? Do you want to know the juicy things That most don't even know? Or just all the tasteful stuff That would make a pretty show? Do you... Continue Reading →

He’s So Real

I love him Because he is so real I can touch his face Run my fingertips Down his arms Look deeply into his eyes And see my future. He's so real I can find him In everything I do Everything I see And feel.   His love for me Is so real I can feel... Continue Reading →

Learn To Fly

Buried deep within a tomb Lies the truth he buried inside. Running away never quite answered What he was never able to hide.   Secrets left in a garden Fell upon the stars at night. It wasn't what he carried within It was the fact that nothing was right.   Sheer force stopped the stillness... Continue Reading →

Another Night in the Dark

She will end up to be the one that simply got away The very last walk in the park. The very moment of truth in a tragedy While you sit alone in the dark. She'll be the reason you can't sleep a wink You get up and pace the floor. She'll be the reason you... Continue Reading →

The Story

Nothing of it is beautiful It is all meaningless really While the story stays the same Only the characters change.   One is stuck in the past Where we had what we wanted Because all we wanted was what we had Within one another.   Another likes the mystery He shrouds himself in silence Quieting... Continue Reading →


Nearly 100 degrees outside Yet she searches and searches for blankets. While we are all sweating and cooling off She is finding heaters Shoring up her house Ready for a frost She knows is coming.   When we ask her why She simply says "I don't like to be cold."

Hold to Me

When the wind is too strong You cannot keep your footing Nothing stays where it was Everything keeps moving around you; I will be your pillar.   When the lies surround a truth You can't seem to find Through hours of thinking Worrying; I will be your truth.   When your mind tells you one... Continue Reading →

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