Broken Tirade of Justice

There is both the freedom and the lost within us
Where we land is where we stay.
Hope fills all our days with sunshine
It is when we lost it, we understand the darkness.

We sit in it and try to look around
Wondering why everything looks so different without light.
The source of the light is unknown to us
But it isn’t as if we looking for it anyway.

Some of us use alcohol to dull the pain
Some use sex to make us feel just a little less alone.
Some are trying to claw their way out of the darkness
Yet others just sit and wait for their turn to die.

Nobody is immune to the pit of despair
But this ends up being a terrible tirade of justice
For which we pay for the crime
That never occurred.

I watch the dust settle on the most current victim
As we take bets on how she will escape.
We pretend to hold our hand out to her
But we know she doesn’t hear us.

For every moment you sit in darkness
Is a moment longer than you need.
Darkness feeds on the unwilling and unable
The light is your only escape.

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