When You Can’t

When you can't let go of him Yet your fears fail to let you breathe. When you can't forget his touch Because it was everything to you. When the smile on his face Is the best thing you've ever seen In your life. When his love Is your world.   When you can't stop thinking... Continue Reading →

Within Him

There was never a question for me Just unending answers from him. What life spoiled for me He made right. We walked together in darkness Because I wanted to show him parts of me Everyone else hated. I wanted him to know everything Inside of me; Behind the dusty curtains Deep within the walls Where... Continue Reading →

I Wanted You

I wanted you to hear me When I whispered his name In the middle of the night After we were done And laying there. I wanted you to feel it When I kissed his lips Ran my fingers down his back And moved in rhythm with him. I wanted you to know That even though... Continue Reading →

What Do I See In You

He stood there looking at me for a moment Then moved my hair out of my face. Sighed twice, saying nothing But smiling. Then it just hit him He asked me "What in the world Do you see in me?   I see rainbows after a downpour The calmness after my storm A few moments... Continue Reading →

Gray Coat

I see your brown eyes Wishing all the waves away. See them dancing in the moon As everything goes your way. I see your gray coat closed to all the weather Because life has decided you needed snow. It hides the lines you wish weren't there The frown you wish you didn't show. I see... Continue Reading →

The Play Remains The Same

It was  like an open door When you let me in. We didn't know where to start Just that we wanted to begin. It was like a second wave When it struck your soul. We had found the insipid life And it was never whole. It was like a warm Fall storm The day you figured... Continue Reading →

Wish That Was Me

When she's walking down the aisle Holding flowers in her hands Walking towards you With nothing but love in her eyes Hope in her heart I wish that was me.   When she's kissing you at night Laying beautifully in your arms Breathing softly on your skin As you both fall asleep. I wish that... Continue Reading →

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