Never Again

His trust broken By someone He believed in. Boundaries pushed Beyond what anyone Could withstand.   Now as someone new Stands before him Wanting everything From him.. Everything, Absolutely everything Inside of him Says "Never again."

I Forgot

For a brief moment I forgot he was my sanctuary The place I laid my weary head And forgot about life. In his arms I get to forget Every tragedy Every lie Every hurt. There was a brief moment I forgot He truly loves me He truly wants me Everything I mean to him.  ... Continue Reading →

I Love

I love the sun The way it lays across the land. An open And ever friendly hand. The shade When the sun begins to blare. A secret place Nobody knew was there. The shadows Ever following us around. His voice The most soothing of sound. The temptation That comes with being whole. The craving That... Continue Reading →


Tearing and ripping apart pieces We thought there was nothing left. The feelings we held in deep regard Were all, but bereft. Then hanging out on a clothesline We settled the dust in due time. We wrote about all we had We simply lost the rhyme. Oceans separate truths The undeniable being of trust. Held... Continue Reading →

The Sins of My Past

Truths blow like shadows hide Within the dust we know is hidden inside. Creeps past us as we pretend not to see That must be you, it certainly isn't me. Cries heard from near and far But I watch this benevolent star. Gazing through a jaded gate Knew he would never, ever wait. Wondering if... Continue Reading →

Forget to Breathe

Sitting in a comfortable home Thoughts swirling in my head My anchor is long gone Yet he remains In my heart. I sit with a pen Tapping it on my notebook Wishing for one minute with him But right now All I can do Is sit and write of our love What all he means... Continue Reading →


I long for him So badly sometimes I would walk away From everything I've known From people I care about Even if all he did Was kiss my cheek And send me back home.   I love him more Than I could even Begin to describe. It is more powerful Than anything I've ever felt... Continue Reading →

When We Fell

Small flame, We thought it would be Forever. Then a whisper Of something larger Than both of us. When we fell We were caught With no apprehension.   We were both the cause And the cure Simultaneously.   Neither reaching For any goal Other than one another.      


Maybe you found something wonderful In a world where few people do. Listened a little too closely to negativity Or to what someone screamed at you. Maybe you changed your mind Decided to walk away The thought of forever lingering When you promised you would stay. Maybe honesty isn't your strong suit Lying sometimes is... Continue Reading →


The time between My heartbeat When life Hangs in the balance Hoping for the next Breath Of life. The second I realized There was nobody Not a single soul I wanted to love But you. The smile on my face When I remember Something you said Or the way you make me feel When it... Continue Reading →

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