Tearing and ripping apart pieces

We thought there was nothing left.

The feelings we held in deep regard

Were all, but bereft.

Then hanging out on a clothesline

We settled the dust in due time.

We wrote about all we had

We simply lost the rhyme.

Oceans separate truths

The undeniable being of trust.

Held within hands that knew little of love

But was well adept at lust.

He’s lied to so few he doesn’t recall

The memory always fades.

Like royalty we carved our flesh

Though truly, we were maids.

There is much agony in defeat

Anger tends to disobey.

We can lay out our feelings tonight

But tomorrow is a whole new day.

We sanctify what we do not know

Leave ashes and soot behind.

It takes millions to make some happy

But nothing, to be kind.


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