Sinfully Romantic

Caught us so off guard We didn't even know Whether we should stop running Or stop breathing. We both So delightfully deranged So sinfully romantic That both sinking And swimming Sound wonderful. So we hold hands Carry on our way Towards the abyss That we both know We will love.  

Maybe I Thought

A symptom of the fall Was the resurrection we left Before anyone else Had even begun feeling What we knew to be true. Petals begin falling From branches we hung on When we were lost that day In early June. Maybe I thought for a minute Then again Maybe I didn't.


I came in like a hurricane They told me it was sink or swim That all my life would be this way But forgot to mention him. Life wandered aimlessly Then it began to rain I left so much of myself In years of unrelenting pain.   I came in like a hurricane The first... Continue Reading →

What I Want From You

I would ask for your love, But I have it In spades. I would ask for 20,000 kisses But I would just want 20,000 more. I would ask for the stars But I don't want you gone long enough from me To get them. I would ask you for more time But I'm afraid it... Continue Reading →

I Miss You

It is a deep ache Within my soul That nothing Absolutely nothing Can cure. But you.   A sudden rush To find something That can fill a hole You leave behind, Along with the tender hand Reassuring lips That tell me Everything is fine.   The beautiful feeling Of knowing for certain How loved I... Continue Reading →

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