Kill You

She's gotten to know the inner workings What makes you ebb And flow. Now she is done with you But first, She'll try to kill you.   She'll take every word you ever said And make it terrible. Scream at you about everything While your head and heart are spinning. Take every brick of the... Continue Reading →


She's a little sadomasochist With narcissist  tendencies. They thought one day she was the symptom But she was truly the disease. Found her in a graveyard Petting a long dead cat. Lightening struck that area 20 times, But never where she sat. Crying wasn't an option She'd never pay that toll. One thing women never realize Is they are... Continue Reading →

These Chains

Rocks formed ahead of me The beast still stirs within. Angst hid my highest demand But did nothing for my skin. Ice took forms nothing should It ended with regret. We seemed to lack the motivation But our moral ground was set. Lost we were to foraging Whatever we could take. We'd like to say... Continue Reading →

Hij is een deel van mij

When it is real; You can see it Taste it Touch it You never want to let it go. Ik zal niet ooit laten gaan. It is in every breath that comes from me Everything I see; Hear Taste Touch..   Your love.. It is in everything I do.

I Won’t Say It

Just because most scream it And some blast it everywhere they can Causing jealousy in the unknowing Kindly representing nothing. No matter how many times you ask What we have Is between he and I. It' isn't a show Or an achievement. It is two people Sharing lives And hearts One moment at a time.... Continue Reading →


Seasoned, like a piece of meat Ready to be put to the test. Honor is such a crazy word We Americans use in jest. Forcing the hands of others Taken with ruthless force We hand the enemy the weapon So it is their fault, of course.   Hands tell a story Of a long forgotten... Continue Reading →

Where I Stand

When I'm in the middle I'm too far right. When I'm backing up I'm leaving the scene of the fight. It's always the scene that creates the diversion The crash that always settles the score One diversion away from a deal One night stand away from being a whore. I'm one second too late from... Continue Reading →

When He Writes

We remember what we had in common All the little things we do So much like one another. Time always stands still for a little bit While we talk about everything Yet nothing at all. We give backhanded compliments Teasing at our response to them. We don't talk about relationships We don't want to know... Continue Reading →

My Hand

Slipped silently into the shower Holding hands with destiny She wasn't quire the beauty of deliverance But for a moment, she would do. On her knees she begs me to relent But I quite like the chase.   Water runs down her body My hand follows behind Telling her all the things I'll never do... Continue Reading →

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