Between Friends

Fuck the rules Just take me Don't you want to play? If you don't do this right I guarantee You won't stay. Shut up and do it right I want you to take your time. Find the little parts of me Like this isn't really a crime. Pass it all on to me As we know... Continue Reading →

Touch Me

Take me to a quiet place Where we can talk Quietly About everything we love Things we just like And all the things In between. To get my attention, Whisper.   Wrap me Forever in the folds of your words Let me hear them From your mouth. To get my attention, Tell me something Nobody... Continue Reading →

The Locket

I took the locket into the closet with me Knelt down on my knees, And prayed.   I requested forgiveness For all I've done wrong. The ability to sing His favorite song. I asked for all the wrongs I've done To be forgiven. When someone speaks to me I do nothing, but listen. I prayed... Continue Reading →

I Wasn’t Even There

In the shire we gloat our glory It is as if nobody won. I'd take the first, but not the last He's the tormented one. Furious words coveted our neighbor Held great disdain for the rule. Isn't it irritating when you think he's a stallion When really he is a mule? The stench of the... Continue Reading →


I stood there holding the red handkerchief The one you gave me so many years ago. Crying, begging, finally relenting Because I knew you wouldn't show. There is ecstasy in riddles Sensuality in a rhyme, Nothing takes a struggle Than wasting one's time. Fantasy or reality Which one are you today? For I know when... Continue Reading →


I wore the polish just like he wanted The red panties, he wanted me to wear He'd say I could just come and get him But he wasn't really anywhere.   Bought the house so he'd see I was settled Maybe even make me his wife. Trials and tribulations abound In this ever changing life.... Continue Reading →

Tell Me Where Your Freedoms Are

Did you hear that? The subtle whispers of the insignificant minds That control your thought, as well as your behavior. Drink this, buy that, tell her she's your soul mate Then figure out which of the two of you Will visit the cat on the weekends.   We conform to the society they build for... Continue Reading →


I was standing on the edge Of reason. But honestly nothing Stopped the force; The unrelenting force That drove the weaker ones Insane.   I was standing on the verge Of destruction. All melt in my hands That make my heart Cold as the Alaska sky In December.   I stand on the precipice Of... Continue Reading →


She was bitten Not refused Like the others Squandering their way About life; So indignant That even the best of them Had nowhere to go. She was bitten in a way That no other Would take her. Once a beast Has ravaged you You don't look so appealing To the others. You cannot throw her... Continue Reading →

Nobody Thinks I’m Sane

I stand before him Carved in stone Every line is his As I run my fingers down his face. I touch a finger onto his eyes - I've always loved his eyes. Trace his lips With my mouth Cold stone does nothing But thinking it is him, I continue. Take off my shirt Because if... Continue Reading →

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