Tell Me Where Your Freedoms Are

Did you hear that? The subtle whispers of the insignificant minds

That control your thought, as well as your behavior.

Drink this, buy that, tell her she’s your soul mate

Then figure out which of the two of you

Will visit the cat on the weekends.


We conform to the society they build for us

Then mock those that do not conform

That that which

We were told to conform to.


Did you see that? They pulled the wool over your eyes

To pull out a puppet

That speaks the words, they tell you

You want to hear.

Because you certainly don’t have the intelligence

To think for yourself.


Books they allow you to read

Talking all about the conquest

How grand your country is

Because they killed people

To make money

Then tell you

It was for your freedom.


When you want to smoke marijuana

Get a little too drunk in a bar

Tell a cop where he can go

Collect rain water

Fix a broken system

Investigate a government official

Not pay taxes

Stop the discrimination of immigrants

Voice an unpopular opinion

Tell me

Where your freedoms are.

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