Damp and Dreary Thoughts

Lights flicker in a hallway Lending its atmosphere To the damp and dreary thoughts I never seem to contain Within me. I crave the nostalgic; The dusty parts of life That seemingly goes unnoticed. I've forced what I could Mishandled the life passed to me With anger Regret And avoidance. Just when the thoughtless Are... Continue Reading →

Do We Even Make Any Sense?

When the winds blow north Snow falls from the East We've never chosen the right direction Or seem to care where we end up. When we grasp at straws Pointedly in the direction of our souls Licking the rims of oceans Yet finding no sand. When I reach for you There is deafening silence Everything... Continue Reading →


Hold my tongue For all the excess That laid at our feet At the company Of our uprising That began Our demise. Life ripped apart the sheets Left holes in our lives We were never able to repair. While you Sat in comfort In a worn out chair.   Hold my hand In the abyss... Continue Reading →

It’s Your Eyes

It isn't that beautiful heart You hide behind the image Of strength. The way you always make me feel Like you're there Or here With me. It isn't your hair You complain is gray Or the wrinkles In a face I'd love to touch. Everything That is anything About you Is in your eyes.  


Found wandering lost in a cavern, she was naked, and unafraid. Unalarmed by what the cat had drug in, she was more curious about the braid. The one that was so benevolent, her lips were always pierced. Thorns grew around an unused urn, that an apothecary left dangling. Clouds formed in anger once, betrayed by... Continue Reading →

Wished It Was You

No matter what I said Who I said it to, Or how defiant I was That it was the truth. No matter who I touched For how long Or where. I always Wished it was you.   No matter what I wrote down Tried so hard to remember Or kept to myself As my little... Continue Reading →

What I Miss The Most

I miss his hands running over my body Finding cracks he'd love to fill. I miss his face up close to mine Kissing lips that hunger for him.   His eyes sparkle with the magic of the universe A smile that lights up my world. His passion I miss every night While clinging to a... Continue Reading →

She Noticed Tonight

When he didn't care How she was feeling What she was doing Where she was.. She knew he was in this For the wrong reason. When he didn't ask Or want to fix anything.   She noticed tonight She is temporary.  

Where Do They Hide?

A masquerade Where everyone is nobody. Hiding what is wearing them But showing what they are wearing. We lit a fire for the festivities Because nothing says you are paying attention Than a huge fire in the middle of the room.   I played piano until I ran out of songs Then danced until I... Continue Reading →

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