Whatever It Is

Sun hits my face Close my eyes and squint Treasure is in my heart But only cowards even try. The light doesn't calm me It encourages All my bad behavior. Whatever it is That keeps me From becoming who I could be With a man that deserves me Holds me within all the protection I... Continue Reading →

The Darkness Within Her

She has a darkness within her Untamed and unmanaged. One thinks he holds the key Burning his hand when it is used. Consecrated by the belief in her will She is both temptation, and the unrelenting. A force that you wish you could tame But know you cannot. She spreads silence like seeds To people... Continue Reading →

Let’s Pretend

Because tonight we have nothing Tomorrow is not promised And our yesterdays left us wanting. Let's pretend tonight we are in love; Say all the things to one another We've been wanting to hear For years. Let's waste some time Fragrant as a breeze That spread across the land As gently as the sun Lays... Continue Reading →


I remember kissing you In the rain The water running down our faces Yet we didn't care Because we were in love. I remember feeling you Really feeling you In the middle of the night When there was only you and I. I remember loving you More than I loved anything, Wanting you More than... Continue Reading →

Wish It Was Me

So many times in my life I've sat here On this bed Wishing With everything I had - I was the one you were holding at night Or sitting on the couch with Watching a movie Or kissing. I wish that was me In that peach dress Waling towards you - About to become your... Continue Reading →

I Couldn’t Taste The Wine

Frost formed on angels made of us Made long ago of winter solstice Half of us stood frozen in a garden Me, standing with a fist. I cried tears that nobody saw Left anger behind me in the field They fought me with all they had; But never would I yield. We shot arrows at... Continue Reading →


A web of deceit Caught in an embrace We were too afraid to take. Smiles, with parted lips As if we were begging For something we didn't want. We crossed paths once; I skirted past you With a glance But not a favor. We are tangled In a world We love To hate.

The Color of Lies

Flesh ripping apart As a boat cuts through the water In a lake Nobody can get to. You could have died If only the stories you told Were real. I lived in fantasy With you For years. Sometimes I sit I read our old conversations And I know The color of lies.

Out There

Out there somewhere Is someone Wanting someone Exactly like you.   But what if you were unplanned, A mistake? What if then, There is nobody?

Once Upon A Time

Once it gave me courage To think someone out there In the great beyond Cared about me Thought about me Wanted me. Now I find it boring Not like painting your nails boring But watching it dry boring.   It is as unfulfilling As getting sand When you're dying Of a thirst.   All the... Continue Reading →

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