I’m Not Yours Anymore

What did you stand for today? What took you a little off course? How many times did you look at the lady, But couldn't tell me the color of her horse? Who did you help out today? Did you ease anyone's mind? If we dug down deep into your soul What is it we would... Continue Reading →

Not The Perfect Crime

A black thread of evidence Stacked up against the man, He sees the forest through the trees But this wasn't exactly his plan. Now he sits and waits For nothing else but time, He'd planned the perfect getaway But not the perfect crime. Wipes tears from his fiancé She knows he's going away, Has the... Continue Reading →

Out of the Mouth of Babes

Flowers bloomed across where his house was The moon light it up quite nice. Crying eases the tension a bit But not in something like mice. Slicing pieces of life apart Piece by piece they fall. They said I could make a free one... But I didn't know who to call. How does one stay... Continue Reading →

Do You Wander With Angels?

Transfixed by that which is clairvoyant, Leaning glass against the wall. We search endlessly for that first kiss But then we want them all. Fought endlessly for truth Justice paid the price. I'd tell you it all got better But I'm really not that nice. Trees obscure a view for me I was left alone... Continue Reading →

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