Hands all over my body Seemingly for hours of our lives. We faced the truth one night As I sat in the kitchen and cried. Another country you were born Another country you returned to. Now we face the dilemma That faces so many. I'll live other days Cry other tears Have other pleasures But... Continue Reading →


Through the muffled sounds of your deafening silence You repeated a word that once was a lie. Did she really fall as you said? Or did she legitimately die? Do you remember where you work now? Or did you lose that part of you? I'm not saying I want a relationship I just want what is... Continue Reading →


The air of forgiveness is around me What I eat does not feed Fulfilled in a destiny I wasn't prepared for. Darkness filled my life today Left empty spaces in my essence Filled only with the greed of humanity Left once for the beat of a heart But not for the loss of my inheritance. Sapphires now... Continue Reading →

Writing on the Wall

Petals were strewn on the table It was all that was left of the fight We did what we could with the ashes But this, we weren't getting quite right. Silence is our big adventure now Lies are what they cost. The absence of what we believed What now is what we've lost. I stood... Continue Reading →

Where We Stand

In between the breaths we don't take The words we don't say The feelings we don't reveal Is where we stand. We lie in a bed together Yet thousands of miles apart Staring at a screen When we wish we could touch. Somewhere between here and now Yesterday and tomorrow There are pieces of us... Continue Reading →

Before You Say I Love You

There will be whispers of it In everything you do Everything you say Most things you touch. Winds will carry it Other places We can't touch Even with our words. Before you say "I love you" You'll be gone.

Beautiful Heretic

Silence in the room was palpable Screaming never silenced her tears. It was all angels and demons at one point But she's lost them through the years. The faces of her suitors Now nothing but a faded past. Withered, torn, abused, and dust She knew they wouldn't last. She learned them all But not quite... Continue Reading →

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