I wish I could just believe Like I used to believe in you. I wish I had it in me To believe anything was true. I wish I didn't have this doubt That clouded me, like anger. Wish I didn't feel like falling in love Was a terrible aching danger. I wish I could hear... Continue Reading →

It Won’t Come Out Today

I stomped my foot, it hit the ground Absolutely didn't want to play. I have a rational side to me... But it won't come out today.   Rolled my eyes at the compliment He really meant to say.. I have a delicate side to me... But it won't come out today.   Moved my chair... Continue Reading →

What I’ve Found

Quiet like a raging storm I head to the tallest tree. They found everything in battle But somehow lost me. One soldier handed me a rose Which I clearly threw on the ground. We came, we saw, we conquered But peace, we never found. On top of tree I could see the price All the... Continue Reading →

The World

Spun, like thread upon a spool Never looking both ways, Not ever. Defiant and strong Never wavering from her course.   A gentle giant comes in Unafraid and unassuming. Grabs the lead rope from the ground While lightening strikes all around him.   Found, never lost In a field of green with orange bursts He... Continue Reading →

I Don’t Remember

I don't remember the name of my favorite lipstick. But I remember where I was sitting, what the weather was like, how it turned my life around, when you said you loved me. I don't remember the name of any of my teachers in school. But I remember the way I could make you laugh,... Continue Reading →


It so much better wrapped up darkness With absolutely no source of light. If you can't please a lady during the day What makes you think you can at night? I'm strong, you'll have to be stronger I'm not looking for a boy. I'd rather have you hunting a warrior Than trying to find a... Continue Reading →

I Want

Servitude, not solitude That keeps me awake at night. The constant and unending fear I'll never be Just right. Slavery, not mastery He isn't ever the boss. Quiet and unending love That never feels Like a loss. Strength in two Instead of a warrior In one. A fight I know I can win That doesn't... Continue Reading →

I Bet You Wish

I bet you wish you had her now Just laying in your arms. Wind surrounds the truth sometimes But recoils in your charms. I bet you wish you had one kiss From those tender lips of hers. Roots form indestructible trees All is fallen in the cures. I bet you wish you heard her voice... Continue Reading →


I got a little weak in the knees; But never in the heart. What once was a beautiful lie Now doesn't know its part. Lost in the intricacies of a life He left shadows in place of himself. What once was so completely open Now collects dust on a shelf. He came back with a... Continue Reading →


Ships tend to come in spades When knocking on devils door. Silence rips an atmosphere When she begs for sudden war. A candle burns a rope in half To your sudden and urgent dismay. We beg for mercy from our captors But they've all just come here to play. One mark upon a letter Makes... Continue Reading →

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