What I’ve Found

Quiet like a raging storm

I head to the tallest tree.

They found everything in battle

But somehow lost me.

One soldier handed me a rose

Which I clearly threw on the ground.

We came, we saw, we conquered

But peace, we never found.

On top of tree I could see the price

All the victims paid.

Some family were there to collect

Yet some just sat there and prayed.

Screaming shatters the silence

A woman has lost her son.

The one thing she lived for

Lost to a strangers gun.

Neither of the two lived;

The families are both forlorn.

They blame one another for the loss

As each of them, mourn.

Battles taken up by force

Laying in pieces on the ground.

I’ve found no dignity or honor in battle

Just loss, is what I’ve found.

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