You Were

A fly in the ointment I just couldn't remove. A very short man With something to prove. A lie, A curse A tale that went wrong The verse within a rhyme That doesn't even go with the song. A fuck up, a mistake I wish I never made. The song on the radio You wish... Continue Reading →

My Dark Knight

So many nights before him I failed at the core. Life, all it's intricacies Were just a major chore. A night of self destruction Some beer, and a wink. I knew he was the truth Didn't have to think. The more he spoke The more I heard I believed Every word. There wasn't even an... Continue Reading →

A Rose in the Garden

Amidst weeds I cannot tend Snakes I cannot mention. Spiders all around And an abundance of life Stands a beautiful rose Carefully tended Beautifully fragrant.   New life forms from old As the past is laid to rest. I didn't pass any of the quizzes But man, I aced that test. Late at night In... Continue Reading →

I Don’t Think

I think you left rather harshly Considering how you slithered in. You knew exactly where to point That evil Cheshire grin. A few flippant comments Some about my weight. I'd say you were grand But you weren't, mate. I'm sure you think you hurt me Probably think I cried. But I'm barely human And you,... Continue Reading →

Something Beautiful

I want someone tough Not full of "wait" But full of "do" One that will write to me Because he wants me Not sits back... Afraid.   I want something beautiful Wrapped tightly in love Surrounded with trust Bleeding from all the love We will make With our souls And our bodies..   Fuck the... Continue Reading →


I could stand in the midst of a hurricane Wishing for nothing Wanting nothing. Summon a tornado To wash over me Cover me in darkness And chaos.   Life has meaning When you pay attention To not only the sun But the darkness.   Aided and abated With the frailty of the old. Afraid of... Continue Reading →

I Didn’t Tell You

I may have forgotten to tell you I'm married to my trust. An amicable alliance With a silly form of lust. I didn't tell you I was a secret Lost, never found. I love the honor behind betrayal Oh yes, and being bound. I like it rough Then some days soft I like a mild... Continue Reading →

I Reached Within

I reached within the vortex Of an unrelenting ache. A diversion made up of other men Is what I tend to make. Hands held in silence While fighting off the mange. I'd tell you they were all different But only the names change. I reach in with a claw Grasping for certain parts. You know... Continue Reading →


Written on this paper Is an enlightened deed A common bond of trust Between you and me. Written in these lines A little mindfuck occurs. I can tell you once were mine But you were also hers. I like to touch the fire It feeds an empty soul. Pain is so refreshing When you're so... Continue Reading →

In Between

Silence heard in whispers We cannot touch With our souls. Hearts laid open Upon guillotines We devised ourselves. In the interest of being earnest We lost our seats Because nobody approved Of our worth. We are lost In between What we want And where we are.   Silence hears the aftermath Of everyone that was wrong.... Continue Reading →

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