Written on this paper

Is an enlightened deed

A common bond of trust

Between you and me.

Written in these lines

A little mindfuck occurs.

I can tell you once were mine

But you were also hers.

I like to touch the fire

It feeds an empty soul.

Pain is so refreshing

When you’re so far down this hole.

Written on this screen tonight

Are words that won’t catch you

Long forgotten is a love

That never, ever grew.

He told me once to live

To really, really live.

I would have known his motive

But I had nothing to give.

Then there was the drunk

Amiable was he.

Kinda screwed him over

Now he hates me.

Loyal to those that burned

I wish, at the stake.

Now those I’m suppose to adore

I suddenly forsake.

A past riddled with bullets

None of them were straight.

If anyone asks me though,

I tell them it was great.

Dodging now what I can in life

I fail to meet my strength.

Lost the power of forever

When I don’t know the length.

Then there was the lie

The snake in my garden

Put him in a cell for treason

Then gave him a pardon.

Suddenly I remember the verse

I was supposed to lead this with.

A man with impeccable morals

Then found he was a myth.


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