I Reached Within

I reached within the vortex

Of an unrelenting ache.

A diversion made up of other men

Is what I tend to make.

Hands held in silence

While fighting off the mange.

I’d tell you they were all different

But only the names change.

I reach in with a claw

Grasping for certain parts.

You know what it is

I want to tear out their hearts.

First I make it simple

I make them think I’ll please.

But honestly I’ll do nothing

I’m just a simple tease.

Press a button here,

Press a button there.

Soon they are flying the world

Going everywhere.

Too bad I don’t exist

I’m simple con

A game I play for fun at night

With nothing but the radio on.

I read once of a man

That would never ever stay

This, he taught me once

Was a legitimate game to play.

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