A Rose in the Garden

Amidst weeds I cannot tend

Snakes I cannot mention.

Spiders all around

And an abundance of life

Stands a beautiful rose

Carefully tended

Beautifully fragrant.


New life forms from old

As the past is laid to rest.

I didn’t pass any of the quizzes

But man, I aced that test.

Late at night

In drunken waste

He found me

In perfect haste.

Words that I’ll never forget

In honor, I hold them true.

He knows my favorite words

My favorite color, blue.

Love is the word here

Not lost to perfect demand.

He may not be a prince,

But he sure as hell is a man.


Haven’t tended this garden in years

It’s become overrun with weeds.

Reminded of the beauty of it

When my rose appeared.

 For David.

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