You Were

A fly in the ointment

I just couldn’t remove.

A very short man

With something to prove.

A lie, A curse

A tale that went wrong

The verse within a rhyme

That doesn’t even go with the song.

A fuck up, a mistake

I wish I never made.

The song on the radio

You wish never played.

A step I didn’t mean to take

In the wrong direction.

An anomaly or realism

A lawyer without an objection.

A tick in the head of a child

Innocently playing in the sun.

A poker game where lost it all

After they said you won.

A flea in the carpet of humanity

A nest of them where it pleases.

Flesh wanting to make it so

Yet he only teases.

A child throwing a tantrum

When he didn’t get his way.

When they tell you that the cancer is gone

Yet you are still there today.

You were a waste of precious time

To a long forgotten life.

That scheming orphanage woman

You should make her your wife.


…If you haven’t already





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