I Don’t Think of Him

I don't have to worry about where he is Who he is talking to Where he has been. I don't have to think about what to say If he's heard it before Or if he believes me. I don't have to worry About the things I do Or where I'm going. I don't even think... Continue Reading →

The Arc Convenant

We wore plaid on the day of the event Because our ancestors did. We melt iron and steel to forge weapons It worked so well to kill what we thought Were our enemies That we didn't even question the morality Of the absolute resolve it required To take as many lives As we needed To... Continue Reading →

He Only Sees Me

You can flash a smile his way He may even see you do it. But when you try to speak to him It'll be lacking any wit. Corners nor distance deter him He's bound by matters of the heart. We did everything so beautifully From the very start. He is red to my blue A... Continue Reading →


When you feel like you are at the top of the world There isn't anything you cannot do The world falls at your feet As you walk past. When he makes you feel Like nothing you do is wrong. Remember this In one second That same world The same person Can make you feel Like... Continue Reading →

Little Blue Eyes

A child is born in sin Regret takes her places Both parties Just want her "away" From them.   Seemingly undeniable The truth lingers within the lie. There is no judge or jury for this Just an inability to cry.   Tender hands reaching out Trying to find love Where there is none.   Running... Continue Reading →

My Life Is Over

The rough edges are smooth now Water runs down where it was once pooled. All the elements are forming alliances The asses have been fooled. The past is up on shelves Neatly dusted yet ignored. I had fun for a little while But then I got really bored. Sat lazily in my room Watching the... Continue Reading →

He Only Has A Memory

Hurried around the place a bit Didn't know which to believe. Water runs parallel to the land Something was up his sleeve. He swears loyalty to his land Yet fidelity to the cause. Life continued without him Doesn't come with a pause. He sighed when he read the paper, She was about to be wed.... Continue Reading →

I Carried The Silence

A cloak of darkness surrounds me My mind melds within him. Arms wrapped around What was left of ourselves. Once when I turned to riddles That turned out to be My escape. Unsure of what yours was But it certainly wasn't Enough of a distraction.   Where I carried the silence, You carried the sound. Where I... Continue Reading →

The Storm Is Finally Coming

It begins as a drizzle; Just some drops on your head. Then comes the downpour That makes you leap out of bed. The crashing of the thunder Makes you worry of the noise. The lightening brings peace To those of us without boys. Danger lurks within the fight You have inside your head. Nothing beats... Continue Reading →


I wandered around Moving things From here to there With no thought Of why Or where I was going What I was doing. It had been hours Since he whispered in my ear What he would do How much he cares What I mean to him..   One last check of my phone Then I... Continue Reading →

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