Back in Time

There was a time when the wind blew through the trees You could chase it down like a child grasping at a balloon. When the sun would warm your face Send shivers down your skin in warm delight. Remembering the past didn't make you feel afraid Of what the future might bring to you.  ... Continue Reading →

Look Who’s Back

A slug in the garden of life Eating away at the beauty Wanting nothing more Than the destruction of everything good. He is a rat in the home of the elderly That can barely afford the food it steals Yet he persists to take From the forgiving. He's sold his soul Not to the devil... Continue Reading →

Let Go

Holding hands in darkness When everything came off. Kissing the parts of us exposed Until we can't take it anymore. Everything will happen All at once Until the time You let go.

She Is

She's a little bit of anger Mixed with some healthy sun. Something you knew you lost Then found out that you won. Some foresight into the future With a very jaded past. Maybe not the first you've seen But will definitely be your last. The sunset on a beautiful day Where thunder marks your night.... Continue Reading →

A Distinct Difference

Life changes the course of atmosphere In direct relation to ones desire Not destiny. Hate produces just the amount of waste you need To feed a hunger in you That nobody knows about. The distinct difference Between life And death Is movement.   Movement stirs the beast within But stillness keeps it at bay. We... Continue Reading →


Lips wanting to be kissed As my head wraps around the idea Of being so in love with you tonight. The night comes When I can let you know In every word I say to you What you mean to me. Now I have life Shared in moments Of love With you. A past that... Continue Reading →

Within the Darkness

Within the darkness hides a shadow Most were afraid to approach Lost to minds bitter battle That nobody wanted to encroach. They whispered about it to others Nobody seemed immune They danced with it in battle Yet nobody knew the tune. Silence ripped the atmosphere Then begged for it all to end Where danger lurks... Continue Reading →

Where I Am

Caught in the middle of something I couldn't even begin to describe In the words I use every day. Where I am Is standing on top of a mountain I didn't have to climb alone. Standing outside of a fire That's raged all my life. Held safely in arms that protect me That I never... Continue Reading →

The Secret of Me

The secret of me Isn't hidden within words you don't understand Written in prose that is meant to confuse you Not in the way I drink my coffee Or where I lay my head. It isn't in the way I speak Or who I like Or ultimately Dislike. It isn't in my glance Or the... Continue Reading →


When you open the wound To show him Explain to him How much it hurt, The damage it caused you And your life.   When you show him The woman you became From the pain And anguish Of this wound.   He doesn't recoil Back peddle Or hesitate. He inspects the wound Touches the edges... Continue Reading →

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