Within the Darkness

Within the darkness hides a shadow

Most were afraid to approach

Lost to minds bitter battle

That nobody wanted to encroach.

They whispered about it to others

Nobody seemed immune

They danced with it in battle

Yet nobody knew the tune.

Silence ripped the atmosphere

Then begged for it all to end

Where danger lurks and scores are kept

The weak are left to fend.

They do complicated mathematics

In rooms that keep them at bay

People tend to get lost in rhythm

When they worry about the pay.

One dangles spit from his mouth

Another wants to grope

Yet you don’t know which you want

Now isn’t that a slippery slope?

Into the darkness came a man

Only she could see

She knew immediately she loved him

But who could he be?

Handed him her weapon

Feeling nearly healed

Both of them cried the night

She handed him her shield.

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