Back in Time

There was a time when the wind blew through the trees

You could chase it down like a child grasping at a balloon.

When the sun would warm your face

Send shivers down your skin in warm delight.

Remembering the past didn’t make you feel afraid

Of what the future might bring to you.


There was a time when you said what you meant

Because it was your word, and that meant something.

When your loyalty cut deep

Because it was your honor at stake.


There was a time when you knew nothing

And you knew you knew nothing.

When the difference between right and wrong were easy

Not skewed, like today.


There was a time when you gave your heart

To only person, for a lifetime.

When the desire to make roots was more important

Than instant gratification.


May we all go back to a time

When things were simpler.

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