Wrapped Up In You

She whispered to him Where he wanted to go He thought to himself "Wrapped up in you"   So sensual are two lovers So in love they forget there is a world Demanding from them. They lay for hours Talking Kissing Touching Until they forget Who they were Before they fell in love.

You Didn’t Have To

You could have coined the perfect phrase Maybe saved someone's life one day. Made the most beautiful earrings Made me laugh. So much more of your life left More to give to this incredibly ungrateful world. Many promises you broke A day you didn't get to see the end of Moments you lost.   You... Continue Reading →

Feel Me

Cotton passages in open fields Where God ran his hand down Not longing for a way to go But twisted to some kind of normalcy That our brains could actually comprehend. Perception of what a tree thinks Or how an animal cries With no mention of what dirt feels When you walk all over it... Continue Reading →


Movement, like a vapor It's convection that changes the course. You can put a cart in front of a shed But not before a horse. The mastery behind the ordeal Everything falling into place. You won't know much of dignity But will get a great lesson in grace. Forming ice all around you While your... Continue Reading →

What We Found

Silence in a storm at night When nobody was paying attention. The gravity and brevity of it all When set in such indignation. The fruitful bury the hatchet Yet we are all sinners by day. They can take the cost of melancholy But they can't never make us pay. The wine kept us up two... Continue Reading →

The Stones We Throw

Buggers get a box instead Hidden underneath your bed Yet somehow we are sullen from the start. Maybe he's her ship come in Something she can finally win But you forsake it all in the name of greed. Maybe she's his peace of mind Something not so easy to find Just now he's ready for... Continue Reading →

Keep Me Alive

Breathe air into my caustic lungs Until I know that everything I see is real. Know that the life we begin to see in this world Is much more than anyone can take in a meal. Keep me alive with the fragrance of love Written in skies that nobody can feel. The silent words you... Continue Reading →

The Sin

A tale that began so long ago That nobody can remember the start. It was passionate, and forgiving Had an undeniable beautiful heart. The truth held within both of them from long ago they tried in vain Once kissed upon a hill in Dublin Now in Seattle, in the rain. Seated now face to face... Continue Reading →

Half of You

Smile in pictures for the crowd They can all push on a button to approve Behind the façade of the smile Lies an unbending and unrelenting truth. Innocence playing in a yard While you spew venom all around You said love was what you wanted But bitch, is that what you found?   I have... Continue Reading →

I Am Not

I am not the wick of the candle Bearer of bad news. Fire burning in the wax Present you refuse. I am not the melting of the wax Production of all good. Sadness that represents Sculpted in wood. I am not the feast that cures your aches Nor the water that quenches thirst I am... Continue Reading →

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