Half of You

Smile in pictures for the crowd

They can all push on a button to approve

Behind the façade of the smile

Lies an unbending and unrelenting truth.

Innocence playing in a yard

While you spew venom all around

You said love was what you wanted

But bitch, is that what you found?


I have given so much that it pains me

There are no smiles in any of my lines

You would screw yourself with your words

They don’t tend to come from brilliant minds.

It has to hurt to be that stupid

But the pain you cause is a relief

I’m indignant at your approach

So you can go fuck yourself with belief.


Now I sit alone in the dark

Doing nothing but drinking a beer.

If you really, truly want to fight me

I’ll be waiting right here.


Dusted a horse figurine today

I had put upon a shelf.

You know what I really think of?

I think you should go fuck yourself.



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