List of Demands

He was darkness And I loved it; Anger with a twist Said "this is going to happen" I didn't doubt it a bit. A sexy kind of twisted I very much enjoy A complicated list of demands With weapons I'll deploy. A thread of common decency Enough to keep me blind. He played enough With... Continue Reading →


A pure and rhythmic deisgn With a flaw nobody could see Tangled with vines holding her back From everything she could be. Systematically she removed the bonds With a smile she came back to being All this time she thought she was living But never was she seeing.   The thing about being bound Are... Continue Reading →


There was a darkness surrounding her She swore was the other side. Enemies riddled with deception They were in for a wild ride. First, she had to look pleasant Like an angel in disguise. Listening to the air around But he wasn't very wise. Sat alone in a room in silence She knew what she... Continue Reading →

You Are Here

Reading me With nothing else to do But watch to see If all the pawns are taken And the Queen is left To fight for herself. You are here To find out If I've succumbed To what ailed me Years ago. You Will be so sorely disappointed If you think I'll give you that crumb... Continue Reading →

I Walked Away

You fell down a cliff So I tied a rope around myself To go down and get you But you cut the rope And let me fall. You were flailing in water I thought you were drowning So I went out to get you And you pulled me under Drowning me. You were dying of... Continue Reading →


Ropes lay on a dusty floor In a room nobody has visited In quite a while. They brought her here to confess Hoping it will be quick And painless. A sound and hard confession That life ripped out of her heart. One she didn't want to give. She told of the misfortune of her youth... Continue Reading →


Out of the mouth of babes Angels get their wings Every time this man speaks I swear an angel sings. Finally get the reward But at such a terrible cost You'd think I'd won something But in reality, I lost. He lays me on the bed Tells me what to do A little part of... Continue Reading →


She's a dangerous form of sexy With some undertones of  lust. She wants a freaky kind of sex That requires ironclad trust. Demands a sense of freedom You couldn't possibly disobey. She really really likes the game When she's not the only one to play. She's a loving sense of reality In a form of... Continue Reading →


There is a softness within her A gentle touch that never wavers Something you absolutely know you have And deserve In life. She's clarity in a world of muck Where people within Are people without. She's your weakness And your strength. She is kindness And truth The justice people deserve But rarely get. She is... Continue Reading →

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