I can sense that you like it I can feel the regard. I can flip the next one over And it still won't be your card. I can sense the urge of complacency Even from this far. I can twist this poem up so much They would think I was writing about a car. I... Continue Reading →

A Taste of Freedom

He felt the sand on his feet, But not the undeniable urge to fight When everything went wrong for him One lazy, foggy night. Swirling in emotions He absolutely couldn't control What he lost that night wasn't freedom It was his entire soul. Sins taste so lovely When flesh meets fantasy Wanting to be so... Continue Reading →

Scenes of Life

Traces of what was Yet what will never be Left laying in places I don't reach for anymore. Scenes of life Playing on a screen Nobody but me Watches anymore. Tears disappear into a river A body once discovered With much discord Yet no belief. Wrap sin into a napkin Only to place it on... Continue Reading →

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