You Don’t Know

You just don’t know… What is like to hurt, until you have heard your child say they hate you. What it is like to lose something, until you turn around in the store and your 2 year old is nowhere to be found. What it is like to love, until you give it completely to... Continue Reading →


Up ahead it must be better Than all this confusion in my way. I only took the lighter path Because I couldn't stay. Hidden in the muck of mess Lying for the truth instead Knowing it isn't ever over But I never listen to my head. Suddenly seeing a glimpse Of angels sudden peering Knowing... Continue Reading →

Say It

People will question you Doubt every word of it, To the point of not listening Once you get to the point They don't believe. They'll question your honor Your integrity Ask where you were What you said Probably even ask What you were wearing. You'll see people telling their stories No questions asked. People just... Continue Reading →

Not Really Very Drunk

A gentle breeze blows over our bodies Reminding us there is a world around. Hearing only one another Not any other sound. We touch and taste the surroundings Only reaching for the sky. Not really very drunk But man, were we both high. We decide one other is our truth Finally settling, right there and... Continue Reading →

A Flower Blooms

Hiding in empty fortresses Laid out every so often, Just so we can understand What silence sounds like. We sit and wait to catch our breath As another battle commences Right outside the door.   I struggle to find peace in a world So consumed with fighting They make things up Just to keep the... Continue Reading →


I remember the color of a washing machine That shielded me from the hands, but not the words Of a monster. I remember thousands of times I was told Nobody wanted me And how lucky I should feel To be brought up with those who tried to care for me. I remember being hit over... Continue Reading →

Justice Is A Lie

You are caught at a time of vulnerability Trusting in the nature of people. In a few seconds With a few actions Your world changes. At first You just want to know you are alright. Then You want vengeance, Which others call justice. People will tell you Somehow This justice Will help you. There is... Continue Reading →

From Silence Comes The Storm

Beating a path I couldn't take The forces that move me finally at bay. I stirred a little in the sheets Then laid the past to rest in a tomb. A valley laid out behind the city With beautiful white flowers nobody wants. I ran through them once Lit ablaze from something I had started.... Continue Reading →

Live Life

Dance in the rain With everyone watching. Date that girl At least ask her out. Mail that letter Without worrying about the response. Jump on that plane And just go. Buy that dress The one that matches your shoes. Sing a song The one that says what you can't say. Sell that car Because you... Continue Reading →

I Think of You

When the rains of change Beat on my face. When I can't face a day Without a ton of grace. When I drive along In my battered car. When the first thing I notice at night Is a brilliant star. When life is harsh It takes it course When the life in me Is my... Continue Reading →

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