Live Life

Dance in the rain

With everyone watching.

Date that girl

At least ask her out.

Mail that letter

Without worrying about the response.

Jump on that plane

And just go.

Buy that dress

The one that matches your shoes.

Sing a song

The one that says what you can’t say.

Sell that car

Because you hate it.

Divorce that ass

That is bringing you down.

Vote for the other party

Because they have a better candidate.

Make a friend

That isn’t the same race as you.

Stay up all night

Reading your favorite book.

Buy tons of candles

Light up your entire room with them.

Go to that interview

Make them hire you on the spot.

Say everything you need to say

Do everything you need to do

Hear every word

Every sound

Touch everything

Love everyone.

Live life,

Because it is a gift

That ends

All too soon.

3 thoughts on “Live Life

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  1. Ahahha loved it!! Beautiful 🙂
    Even I recently posted a blog named ‘Live More Than Once’ on a similar topic. Do check it out. It would mean a lot 🙂

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